Unitronics VFDs: The Simplest Way to Control via Communication

Unitronics VFDs can be used as a stand-alone product, or within an end-to-end solution: VFD, controller HMI

Obtain your VFDs, PLC + HMI controllers and related components, as well as technical support, from a single supplier. 

Cost Effective

 “The simplicity of controlling the VFDs over communication is a winner, for sure. 
Can't understand why anyone would work differently.”
Edi Gulko
Application engineer
Unitronics VFDs

High performance, cost effective VFDs, 
ideal for both machines & process control.

See our VFDs in action!

• Simple to use Robust • Broad power & voltage range 


  • EMI Filters, Built-In
  • Broad range of Operating Temperatures
  • Braking units - Built-in
  • Heavy-Duty overload capacity, up to 200%
  • Coated PCBs: minimize dust penetration damage
  • RS485 Modbus RTU fieldbus, Built-in
  • Sensorless control: Vector, Torque, volts per Hz
  • STO (SIL3)
  • Mounting options: Wall, Flange, Rail
  • Optional communication and I/O extension 
  • UL approved, TÜV-SÜD Safety and CE Certified

Single Supplier

One Software

  • Set-up and configure multiple VFDs in a snap
  • Monitor and debug your VFD – either via UniLogic or Scope Trace
  • Remotely Access your VFD via UniLogic
  • Energy efficacy 
  • Reduce IO modules and cabling costs
  • Short integration & development time
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Simple communication based control . Ensuring your system provides robust operation & minimizing EMI effect .

Effortless Communication